Jacob Hane

Meet Jacob

Internship: 1Berkshire
College: Hamilton College 2020
Hometown: Williamstown, MA

Jacob Hane’s ongoing relationship with 1Berkshire began through his internship there and has spurred a new career interest for him.

A classical languages major at Hamilton College, Hane grew up in Williamstown. He found his internship with 1Berkshire on Berkshire Interns’ listings via Hamilton’s Career Center. 

He spent the summer of 2019 as a special projects intern at 1Berkshire, attending economic development meetings, aggregating business data for 1Berkshires’ database, helping manage social media, and other tasks. 

“I watched a lot of cool things happen. On my first or second day, there was an economic development summit at MASS MoCA, and I got to go with the economic development team. I got to see real work in the field of economic development play out in real-time.”

Hane also had the support of the Berkshire Interns program as he worked through his 2019 internship, and attended plenty of BI networking events. With opportunities to attend summer activities in the Berkshires for free while gaining full-time work experience, “It was a great mix,” he said. “BI is an incredibly unique program in that it provides real good hearty experience for students in careers, and at the same time gives them the tools to succeed in that capacity.”

Hane and the 1Berkshire team clicked, and he ended up doing remote support work for the organization in early 2020, then a remote summer internship, which he wrote about for the 1Berkshire site.

“While working from home certainly did provide its own new set of challenges, it was easy enough to adjust to a remote internship,” Hane said. “Through one-on-one calls and Zoom team meetings, I was able to learn new skills and work with new programs to carry out any novel sets of tasks, but most of what I had learned the previous summer transferred fairly well. I was able to meet the challenges head-on and keep working.”

His work at 1Berkshire has also helped him in other roles, including as a peer tutor at Hamilton’s Oral Communication Center. “1Berkshire taught me a lot about professionalism and how to present yourself in an official capacity,” he said. “That comes in handy when you’re tutoring someone.”

As he prepares to graduate in 2022, Hane is mulling over his future career path. “I enjoyed working at 1Berkshire so much, I’m looking into a master’s program in public administration or a career in regional economic development, especially in rural regions,” he said. “I learned a lot about the importance of keeping jobs and opportunities here in the Berkshires. Both 1Berkshire and Berkshire Interns are so in alignment with the mission of promoting economic development by showing people you can live and work here.” 


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