The Berkshire Internship Prep Program is one of the Levers Workforce Programs, focused on guiding college students from underrepresented backgrounds through the job application process.
Pictured: Part of the 2018 Saraswati Import Intern Team

Berkshire Internship Prep Program

A free program for all college students seeking summer internships in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Students receive guidance, training and support to build their skills, network, and confidence to help them secure internships and/or future employment in the region.

program info:

Information Session 1: “How to choose the right internship for you”
Wednesday, November 16, 1pm

Information Session 2: “Get organized for your internship search”
Tuesday, December 6, 1pm

  • Program Kickoff Meeting:

    Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 5-6pm

  • Resume Workshop:

    Tuesday, January 31, 5-6pm

  • Cover Letter Workshop:

    Tuesday, February 14, 5-6pm

  • Networking & Interview Skills Workshop:

    Tuesday, February 28, 5-6pm

  • Mock Interviews Workshop:

    Tuesday, March 7, 5-6pm

  • Networking Workshop:

    Tuesday, March 21, 5-6pm

  • Final Workshop:

    Tuesday, April 4, 5-6pm

George Ambriz

I believe mentorship goes full circle – if you have a mentor, you should become a mentor, and keep passing that down.

Carlos Vizcardo-Benites

My BIPP mentor has been really helpful as someone I can talk to with any questions and someone I can rely on.

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