Emily Tibbetts
Full time at management consulting firm EY-Parthenon;
former Lever intern

Meet Emily

Internship: Lever
College: Williams College
Hometown: Lenox, MA

Emily Tibbetts’ internship at Lever, which she found through Berkshire Interns, set her on the path to a career in management consulting.

A native of Lenox, Tibbetts found out about BI during a 2018 career fair at Williams College. “I was interested in staying in the Berkshires for the summer, and I knew I wanted to pursue a management consulting internship after junior year,” she said. “I was looking for something that would set me up for that next step.”

She spent the summer of 2018 working with Lever’s team, researching the potential of developing a brand for the Berkshires similar to the “Made in Vermont” label, speaking to business owners, gauging interest, and finding case studies to learn from. It was her first time working in an office setting.

“It was a really helpful learning experience—I was able to apply all the skills I learned at Williams into something concrete and career-specific,” she said. “I learned how to research in a different way in order to solve business problems, and I got tangible, hands-on skills in that sense, as well as the soft skills I needed to prepare myself for what I do now.”

This experience prepared her for an internship at management consulting firm EY-Parthenon the following summer, and led to a full-time job once she graduated in May 2020.

Tibbetts became a full-time employee in October, and now she works on issues related to education for EY-Parthenon’s clients, using research and data analysis to help solve problems for K-12 schools and in higher education and ultimately helping those clients deliver better outcomes for their students. “We can tackle any sort of problem an organization might come to us with using thorough analysis and research,” she said.

Though Tibbetts is working from home in Lenox right now, she’ll move to Boston to be closer to the EY-Parthenon offices soon. Once she’s relocated, she’ll also be closer to the several other Williams Class of 2020 grads working there, including Berkshire Interns program alumni she got to know through BI’s networking and social events.

Being able to enjoy summer events in the Berkshires (BI offers free access to summer theatre shows, museums, and holds its own events) gave Tibbetts’ internship experience a “city” feel, she said—lots to do, but close to home. “I would definitely recommend BI,” she said. “I thought it was a great opportunity.”


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