How to work with us

Employers make all hiring decisions

What We Do:

  1. Work with employers to develop internship and entry-level opportunities.
  2. Assist in developing job postings that are accurate and attractive.
  3. Market opportunities on more than 100 college campuses, focusing on the Berkshire and New England regions.
  4. Present an average of thirteen applications per opportunity to employers.
  5. Facilitate screening, interviewing and hiring, as necessary.
  6. Support onboarding as necessary.
  7. Host a two-day orientation (early June) for all interns and new hires, emphasizing professionalism, workplace culture, workplace communication, and collaboration.
  8. Provide a number of social opportunities for interns and new hires during the summer months.
  9. Perform regular quality assessment to ensure positive user experiences for employers and employees alike.
  10. Facilitate transition from internships to full-time permanent positions whenever possible.

Students We Attract:

An average of 13 students apply for each of the opportunities we offer. One third of these students are from Berkshire County home towns, the rest are predominantly from New England, however we also receive applications from students throughout the US. Most internship applications are from students in their second and third year of college, however we also accept applications from first-year, fourth-year, and masters-level students. Berkshire Entry only accepts applications from students who have recently or will soon graduate from college. About 20% of the students we place identify as “non-caucasian”. About 15% identify as “first generation students”. Gender distribution of students who apply is unbiased.

Should your company host a college student for a summer internship?

Great reasons to host a summer intern:

  1. Help with mission-central projects that your team struggles to get to.
  2. Get to know prospective Full-Time Employees.
  3. Provide a great on-the-job learning experience for a young person.

Not great reasons to host a summer intern:

  1. To do jobs that no one else in the company wants to do.
  2. Because otherwise your nephew will spend the summer playing computer games in his family’s basement.

Other things to consider:

  1. Can your company afford to pay an intern about $500 per week for ten weeks.
  2. Do you have a staff member who has the time and motivation to supervise an intern?

Recommendations for Crafting a College Student Internship Job Posting

Position Title

Use a position title that will have meaning to college students and will be attractive on their resumes. We recommend titles such as “Research Analyst”, “Management Consultant Intern”, “Software Engineering Intern”, or “Human Resources Assistant”.

Four key elements

1) The Opportunity

  • Describe the role you’d like the intern to have.
  • Explain how the intern will benefit the company.
  • Describe how the internship experience will benefit the student.
Example: [Company Name] seeks a college student for a paid summer internship. This intern will work with our market research team to perform research that will help us better serve our customers. The intern will learn a variety of market analysis techniques and strategies, including use of the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software.

2) The Company​

  • Mission
  • Who are your customers
  • Size/number of staff
  • Location
Example: [Company Name] is a leading provider of electronic components for the aerospace and defense sectors. Our customers include Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Sikorsky. Headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we employ 65 staff including engineers, designers, fabricators and a first-class sales and marketing team.

3) Desired Qualifications

  • Personality traits
  • Skills
  • Experience
Example: We seek an energetic self-starter who enjoys working with teammates and customers. Applicants should be familiar with spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software (Microsoft Office or similar). Sales experience and quantitative analysis skills are a plus.

4) Compensation and Application Instructions

  • Hourly wage
  • Internship period
  • Materials to include in the application (may include request for writing sample or url for a website)

Example: The compensation will be $510/week for ten weeks of full-time work, starting June 8th, 2020. Office hours are 9-5pm, Monday through Friday. Work attire is business casual. Applications are due by February 15. Interviews will be conducted between February 15 and 28.. Applicants should include a resume and a cover letter explaining why they are interested in and qualified for the opportunity. Only students currently enrolled in college or a graduate program may apply

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