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7 Lever Lever is a business incubator that launches new enterprises (startups) to help lift the regional economy through growth and job creation. Lever also works with existing companies to develop new products or services. 85 Main Street, Suite 218
North Adams, Massachusetts 01247
0 Startup Incubator 85mainstreet 5dfbc6762dc7945312a849 [email protected] North Adams Massachusetts 4 1
8 Vidmob VidMob is a single hub for video creation needs. Our creators develop the full spectrum of digital assets including social ads, editorial, filters, and more. 137 North Street,
Pittsfield, MA, United States
0 Video Creation 20BI21 192ded13c3a9a5f03771ce [email protected] 100+ 1
9 Silver Therapeutics Silver Therapeutics currently operates an adult-use marijuana dispensary in Williamstown, MA, and Orange MA, with a Boston location online to open in Fall/Winter 2021.

Our mission at Silver Therapeutics is to assist our customers to achieve their wellness and enjoyment goals through the use of quality cannabis. We are a locally owned and operated business. We have partnered with producers in the state to stock our shelves with curated quality cannabis products.
At present we employ 39 Team Members that support our mission, and we are located at 238 Main Street in Williamstown and 5 South Main Street in Orange. Williamstown, MA 0 Retail 20BI21 c230f1ee6743c71f359464b64121c076 [email protected] 27 1
10 Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. manufactures specialty papers for a wide breadth of technical applications. We are dedicated to providing custom products that meet customer-specific performance and design attributes. Our products can be found in medical applications, electronics, automotive parts, countertops, signs, labels, and fine arts paper. South Lee, MA 0 Manufacturing 20BI20 [email protected] 50+ 0
11 BCArc Berkshire County Arc provides services for people with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and other disabilities. The Agency serves more than 1,000 individuals and employs more than 750 people. This provides a wide range of marketing and communications opportunities and challenges. Pittsfield, MA 0 Public Care 20BI21 d6e88c2d9eea63e6f6139ca5da [email protected] 750 1
12 BFair BFair is a national and state accredited human service agency responsive to the unique needs of people with disabilities and their families North Adams, MA 0 Public Care asdsadcxv345t43 BFair email 320 0
13 Greenagers Greenagers, through its paid employment programs, internships, and apprenticeships, engages teens and young adults in meaningful work in environmental conservation, sustainable farming, and natural resource management. In the Berkshires and nearby New York State, our trail crews maintain existing trails and build new trails for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Trustees of Reservations, Columbia Land Conservancy, and other conservation organizations. Our Farm Apprentices work with local farmers, learning animal husbandry and organic agriculture. Our volunteer teams install front-yard gardens for area families, to encourage home-based food growing. South Egremont, MA 0 Non-profit 20BI20 6e9184cec089d2aa5dd445cace8e [email protected] 7 1
14 Hillcrest Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc. is a private, non-profit, human service organization providing therapeutic and educational services to children and youth with exceptional needs since 1985. We are over 550 employees strong and considered one of the largest employers in the Berkshires. Pittsfield, MA 0 Non-profit Human Service 20BI20 f6816f9f9ee72b510a2da7fff12dfd2daaff041c [email protected] 550 1
15 The Artist Book Foundation The Artist Book Foundation (TABF) is a unique and dynamic non-profit on the MASS MoCA campus looking for an intern to assist with summer project research and activities. Pittsfield, MA 0 Art Non-profit fyt37545edh Artist Email 10-15 0
16 Mill Town Capital Mill Town is a private impact investment group focused on expanding and enriching the economic, environmental, and social opportunities of our county. In this pursuit, we provide capital and guidance to emerging small businesses and entrepreneurs; initiate meaningful start-up business opportunities; execute transformative real estate development initiatives focused on urban revitalization and market rate housing; and work with key community partners to deliver impactful community development services and programs. 437 North Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
0 Impact Investment Group 20BI20 046687f8b96ce74a1a04f9c4a54416eb [email protected] 10 1
17 MountainOne MountainOne is a financial services company headquartered in North Adams, MA with full service offices in the Berkshires and in the greater Boston area. MountainOne is dedicated to the local communities we serve. 93 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247
0 Financial Services 20BI21 0bf8ddd95f84c0a24385f898d868c191 [email protected] 160 1
18 New Test Company (Randall) Test Description Test 123 Test password ad59047d4dad1ee8e25bb8fc6c9656b7 [email protected] Santa Barbara 200+ 1
19 Marty's Local Marty’s Local​ is a Western Massachusetts-based food distributor offering a substantial array of source-identified and sustainably grown local and regional foods. Founded in 2016, we have taken an innovative approach to food distribution by partnering with more than 70 farmers and food producers, primarily located in Western Massachusetts, New York, and New England. We deliver these local foods, along with foods from farther afield, to our customers six days a week. 15 Commercial Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
0 Food Distributor 20BI21 a36cd49a64695de90f61ea7d037c81 [email protected] 30 1
20 1Berkshire 1Berkshire is a county-wide non-profit organization, headquartered in Pittsfield, focused on economic development and promotion of the region as a preferred place to visit, to live, and to grow a business. 1Berkshire staff serve a membership of nearly 1,000 businesses throughout the region and provide programming, support, and advocacy for the business community, visitor economy, creative economy, entrepreneurs, and next generation leaders. 66 Allen Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
0 Non-Profit 20BI20 15bc1ab41db385eee04d5292fb506c45db5901 [email protected] 11-50 1
21 The Clark Art Institute The Clark is a leading cultural institution and actively seeks employees who are energized and motivated by its dual mission as an art museum and a center for research and higher education, dedicated to advancing and extending the public understanding of art. The Clark’s mission and its geographical location define three essential aspects of its character and identity: the quality of its art, the beauty of its pastoral setting, and the depth of its commitment to the generation of ideas. Clark employees enjoy the opportunity to live and work in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, a place of rich natural beauty, a dynamic environment defined by its deep cultural resources, and a region that is growing as both a center of innovation and a major tourist destination. 225 South Street
Williamstown, MA 01267
0 Museum csaa791owqhg Clark Email 51-200 0
22 Excelsior Integrated Excelsior Integrated is a leader in the emerging Third Party Logistics (3PL) space. We deliver our customers’ products to consumers and businesses using a sophisticated IT system, advanced data analysis, advanced product handling techniques and detailed personal attention. Our 110,000 square foot facility in Lee, MA is a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, serving customers from around the world. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized entrepreneurial enterprises scale their product distribution 705 Pleasant Street
Lee, MA, United States
0 Manufacturing 20BI20 c77a0fc47891f6846c2b0cf4 [email protected] 51-200 1
23 Shire Breu Hous Shire Breu-Hous is a 7bbl craft brewery and restaurant in Dalton, MA. SHIRE BREU-HOUS AT THE STATIONERY FACTORY 63 Flansburg Avenue Dalton, MA 01226 0 Hospitality 20BI20 077b16887ce6aa4298cf8c89e7fdc0b01fb8 [email protected] Dalton MA 10-50 1
24 Boyd Techonologies In 1979, Bronly Boyd founded Boyd Technologies, originally Boyd Converting Company, in Lee, Massachusetts. Bronly started Boyd Technologies with the promise of providing highly valued services to customers developing technical products with a high degree of complexity. Our expertise in advanced flexible materials is rooted in these early days, where The Company provided services across a wide variety of product applications.

Today, this expertise is still at the core of what they do. In the medical device and life science markets, personalized medicine is driving growth, which is enabled by innovations in advanced flexible materials. Boyd Technologies solves complex problems by applying their materials expertise to the feature and functionality requirements of single-use devices. Their goal is to help their clients grow faster with less risk. They will continue to invest in their people, their capabilities, and their technology solutions in order to support their clients and ultimately improve patient’s lives. 501 Pleasant St, Lee, MA 01238 0 Manufacturing 20BI21 6d8d8ad61d3943202efca34262c59f15b4cdd0 [email protected] Lee, MA 50+ 1
25 Second Nature Garden Design Second Nature Garden Design is a full landscape design-to-build company. We have a small crew so as to keep the client and company relationship close as the project evolves. We are based in Richmond, MA, and the majority of our work is located in central to southern Berkshire County as well as Columbia County in NY. PO Box 213, Richmond, MA 01254 0 Landscaping Design 20BI21 fae08ebd1d192e6eea2c12fe6d5f4815f7039d5f [email protected] Richmond, MA 10 1
26 Synagex Synagex is an IT managed services company that\'s been built from the ground up to offer true IT-as-a-service to businesses. 103 Hawthorne Ave Pittsfield, MA 01201 Information Technology 20BI21 7fe01c6c0769e6ee95c77c40f8 [email protected] Pittsfield 10 1
27 The Pass The Pass is a vertically integrated producer of reliable and remarkable adult-use cannabis experiences. Their mission is to support human consciousness – to inspire, connect, and calm the mind and body - through intelligent consumption of their natural flower, extractions, and infused products. 1375 N Main St, Sheffield, MA 01257 Cannabis Dispensary 20BI21 1fc2a1bcfe540c5e71bd91623a017642f2a4 [email protected] Sheffield, MA 60 1
28 Adams Community Bank Adams Community Bank is an employee and customer-focused community bank. It’s our community commitment that makes us strong and our loyalty to our customers that sets us apart.

Our employees are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of customer service. It is our goal to treat every customer like family, so you can trust us with yours. We like to call it ‘family-style customer service’. We all know that nobody has your best interest like family.

Every employee at Adams Community Bank is encouraged to excel in their position and each plays a role in the success of the bank.

If you would like to surround yourself with people who are passionate about what they do, are committed to excellence, and know how to have fun doing it, you’ll be happy working at Adams Community Bank. We guarantee an environment of excellence where teamwork and accountability are a must. 2 Center Street ADAMS, MA 01220 0 Bank 20BI21 a3bcd818488ed29da684fa4c95e9 [email protected] Adams, MA 50+ 1
29 The Pittsfield Cooperative Bank At the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, our history of success and commitment to exceptional customer service starts with our employees.  The Bank’s mission has been to provide quality financial products and services with integrity and respect. At the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, we believe that banking is Better Together. 70 South Street Pittsfield, MA 01201 Bank 20BI21 3aad70e2e6750f3ee231242b8c [email protected] Pittsfield, MA 50+ 1