The Inclusive Internship Preparation Program (I2P2) is one of the Levers Workforce Programs, focused on guiding college students from underrepresented backgrounds through the job application process.
Pictured: Part of the 2018 Saraswati Import Intern Team

Inclusive Internship Preparation Program

I2P2 supports college students in the job application process by providing access to people in the local workforce in workshops and mentor relationships.

Check back in this fall for information on our 2023 I2P2 program.

What we do

We make opportunities in our region more accessible to students from underrepresented groups so they can bring their perspectives and knowledge to our local workforce.
George Ambriz

I believe mentorship goes full circle – if you have a mentor, you should become a mentor, and keep passing that down.

Carlos Vizcardo-Benites

My I2P2 mentor has been really helpful as someone I can talk to with any questions and someone I can rely on.

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